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Marin, Inc. offers a full range of swimming pool restoration services.  Below is a list of our basic services.  If you require something in addition to what is shown, please do not hesitate to ask.  If the task is beyond our expertise, we will gladly refer you to one of our trusted partners.  We will even help schedule the project around ours.


Re-plastering your swimming pool will restore the pool's surface to a smooth, almost soft feel.  The original plaster can become rough through pitting from poor water chemistry, excessive wear, faulty installation, or simply age.  If you have an attached spa, we can re-plaster that for you as well.  White plaster is the most common, though we can use blue or grey (lagoon) if you prefer.


Epoxy paint is an economical alternative to replastering.  Done in half the time and at approximately half the cost, epoxy paint offers a durable new surface to an aged pool.  There are many swimming pool paint options available, but we feel the only product worth the effort are epoxy based paints.  You will get more time out of the application versus other paints (roughly 7-10 years for epoxy in comparison to 2-4 years for others).
Epoxy paints are offered in a variety of colors, with general choices being White, Blue, Grey or Beige.  Epoxy paint can be applied over plaster or previously painted surfaces.


Swimming pool tile is used as a decorative transition from pool to deck.  Tile styles change frequently and there is no better time for an update than when the pool is re-plastered.  We have an extensive catalog full of choices.  In addition to the water line border tile, we can also add or replace the step "spotter" tiles, and add a personal touch with a variety of tile mosaics inlaid into the plaster.

Inset tile mosaic
Spotter tile
Spotter tiles are used to mark the edge of pool steps.  From functional 1x1 squares to decorative tiles, we can fit your design.


Kool Deck is the classic pool deck overlay.  It provides a comfortable, non-slick surface.  The combined properties of Kool Deck make it noticeably cooler than any other decking choice.  The color is throughout the overlay, not applied to the surface, meaning any damage will not result in a visible color contrast.  Kool Deck is not sealed in any way, which is beneficial in several ways.  First, it allows the overlay to "breathe" and remain cooler to the touch.  Second, it means there is no routine resealing maintenance as required by other overlays.  Last, and perhaps most important, it means that Kool Deck is not slick.
Kool Deck can be applied over existing Kool Deck or exisiting concrete.  Decades ago Kool Deck could only be applied to green (still curing) concrete.  That is no longer the case.


For a more budget conscious option, we can color seal your deck.  Think of it as painting, but with a product more durable.  Color sealant can be applied to most common pool deck choices, from bare concrete to existing Kool Deck.  Choose from the catalog of colors, or have us custom blend a color to match your house.
The photo below shows color sealant being applied over an old and stained Kool Deck surface.


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